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Dec. 10th, 2007 @ 03:34 pm Coordinator of Keshotu, African-Canadian Youth Leadership Initiative

Employment Opportunity - Northern Alberta Alliance on Race Relations.

Position: Coordinator of Keshotu, African-Canadian Youth Leadership Initiative  Terms: 1 year half-time position, Jan. 2, 08 - Dec. 31, 08 / Location: Edmonton Salary: $17,046 - $22,980 per year, based on education & experience + full benefits-pension plan / Hrs: Flexible, 18 hours per week / Start Date: Early to mid January, 2008 / Closing Date: December 19, 2007.

- See full job description

at: www.naarr.org

Qualifications/Responsibilities: form/arrange meetings for Steering Committee with identified partners & Marie Gervais; facilitate recruitment of participants for the core group of Keshotu by working with the partner organizations and other means; conduct interviews to ensure participants have necessary qualities.

Organize Leadership Training Sessions: locate an appropriate venue for weekly meetings; set up a plan for the span of the project (Jan 08 - Dec 08) for weekly meetings; use project proposal to ensure time is spent with all identified areas; plan/facilitate identified public events with youth participants.

Networking: attend meetings relevant to organizational mandate; create and maintain relationships with community groups, individuals, institutions that are interested in race relations. Media coverage: work with media consultant to ensure good coverage of project.

Professional Development: be informed on current issues on race relations and other areas relevant to the position. Proposal Development: in collaboration with E.D., create proposals to continue funding of this project; create a logic model for each project with activities; short, medium, and long term outcomes; and indicators. Reports to Funders/Executive Director: submit quarterly reports to executive director and timely reports according to requirements of each funder.

Project Evaluation: work with external evaluation consultant to collect appropriate data for evaluation & include in all interim and final reports, outcome measures using indicators from logic model.

Key Qualifications: excellent knowledge of the issue of racism in Canadian society; demonstrated leadership abilities with youth; experience with project coordination; degree or diploma in human services field.

TO APPLY - Send resume in confidence by mail to:

Charlene Hay, Executive Director / NAARR
#4, 10865 - 96 St., Edmonton, AB T5H 2K2
Or by email to: chay@naarr.org

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